Hunting the Northern Lights- a comfortable bus ride into the polar-night

Arranged by Polar Permaculture

Experience the magic of the Arctic wilderness by joining a guided bus tour as we go chasing The Northern Lights.

The polar night is the perfect backdrop for experiencing the Northern Lights. When the sun is set below the horizon, it’s almost as dark midday as midnight. Perhaps it was the magical light that made those long winter nights bearable for trappers and adventurers in the long Arctic night that lasts from November to February? What will you feel when you see the Northern Lights for the first time?

We’ll use the roads in Longyearbyen to look for the aurora borealis – and during our hunt we’ll serve you something to drink and biscuits while you enjoy the Arctic silence.

During this tour, we’ll show you a Northern Lights movie that will give you a better historic understanding of how this phenomenon is created.


One beverage (with or without alcohol) is included. You can purchase more beverage on board. No meal is included. Only snacks.

Make sure you dress warm for a cold winter night. During this trip, we may make several stops and head outside to see the Northern Lights. It’s important to at least bring a warm hat and mittens or gloves and shoes. Wool base layer is also recommended.

Our Northern Lights bus will pick you up at your hotel. Please be ready at 9:00 pm the latest for departure. We will use the Northern Light bus to pick up our guest from hotel to hotel. But your hotel can be the first That Day!. Duration 2.5 hours. WC on board, and free use of WIFI.

Welcome on board!

The Northern Lights trip operates on:
Period: October – mid March

Time: 9pm

Duration: 2.5 hours duration

Price: 695,- per person.

Terms and conditions here!

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October - Mid-March






2,5 hours