Common Eider colony – Day Pass with Exclusive Access

Arranged by Discover Svalbard

Common Eider colony – Day Pass with Exclusive Access

You will find us only a short walk from town (10-15 minutes, maybe 20 if you start from the city centre).

It will be a good start, despite the weather or the Arctic terns along the road (be aware that they might try to go for your head when you pass near their nests). Perhaps you will see some other wildlife on the way here. 😊 Your walk will have Adventdalen and the mountains as background.

Once you get near our place, you might already see some Common Eiders crossing the road, or swimming by the lake. Then you will know you are arrived at the right place. You arrived at Svalbard`s

Here we will welcome you and show you around.

We will share some knowledge and tell you how it all started. How did these birds end up here at the dog yard? Why do they come back every year? What is so interesting about this place?

Join us and you will be able to observe these birds from close (just enough to not disturb or scare them), taking some coffee breaks, taking as many pictures as you wish, with good time, no rush of scheduled tours. You make the most of it, on your own pace.

There will be warm drink and biscuits available from 10:00-15:00, with no additional cost.

We are open from 10:00 for check in. You can come whenever you want, but you can only stay until latest 16:00.

Remember, for you pass/ticket to be valid, you must check in with one of us at the center first.

When booking, please, let us know when you are planning on coming. If you don’t know, it is also fine.

There is no parking available at our place, so we don’t recommend coming with your own car, if necessary, take a taxi here.

Important! The pass will only give you access for bird watching concerning areas, that doesn’t include the kennel itself. Visitors may take pictures of the dogs, however, to enter the dog cages area/fences is forbidden.

Your pass will be only valid for the day you book the visit.

For groups over 10, please contact us:

NOK 110,- per person
Children under 12 years old, NOK 70,-

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Mid-May to July






Up to 6 hours