Excursion with snowscooter to Van Mijenfjord

Arranged by Poli Arctici

We start our journey driving into Adventdalen and then head south to Reindalen, one of the biggest and more impressive valleys on Svalbard (45 km long). We continue our journey by ascending the Slakbreen glacier and coming down Gustavdalen to reach Van Mijenfjord, also one of the biggest fjord systems on the island.

Here we will have a warm lunch. If ice conditions permits, we head onto the sea ice towards the amazing Paulabreen glacier front. If we are lucky we might even see polar bear roaming on the ice! In the afternoon we take a different route back home and pass over the Longyearbreen glacier where we have splendid views over Longyearbyen.

Included in the price: briefing, snowmobile, fuel, warm snowmobile clothes, experienced guide with snowmobile, emergency and safety equipment, rescue insurance, camping equipment, all meals, overnights as described in the program.

Groups of 3-7 persons must for safety reasons drive a minimum of snowmobiles: 4-5 persons min. 3 snowmobiles; 6-7 persons min. 4 snowmobiles; etc.

There will be many stops on the way, and we will adjust the speed to weather and driving conditions as well as to the participants’ abilities and capacities. The guide will not carry passengers. Minimum numbers of participants are 4 persons.

You need a drivers licence for car or motorcycle, and you need to bring it along throughout the trip.

All participants are obligated to follow instructions from the guide.

All participants are required to be in satisfactory physical and psychological health, as well as having the ability to adopt themselves to the circumstances, cooperate, be disciplined regarding driving, not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, to bring as little personal equipment as possible and only what is strictly necessary, having in advance informed us about chirurgical operations, illnesses, allergies, poor blood circulation, accidents etc.

We find it important that our participants regard riding the snowmobile as a mean of transport, with consideration to the nature, animals and pollution.


  • Weekdays (Mon-Thur) 

          Passenger: NOK 1990,-

          Driver: NOK 3390,-

  • Weekend (Fri-Sun)

          Passenger: NOK 2050,-

          Driver:  NOK 3490,-

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10 Hours